I always wondered if you could really make money online.  So I decided to give it a try and join some sites to see if I could earn anything and if I would actually get paid doing it.

I have signed up for a LOT of sites but so far have only been paid by a few.  I will tell you about some of them and you can decide if you want to join them or not. 
Let me say that if you are looking to get rich quick this is NOT the thing to do but you can make a little extra money.
I will start with the three sites that i have gotten payment from so far and then tell you about the sites I am earning but haven't reached the minimum payout yet.
Email me with any questions:  biffy@comporium.net
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UseAds.com - Advertise your site at UseAds.com! Submit your site and get tons of traffic!         

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 ***Sites I have received payments from:

***Youdata - this site is great. Easy to use and pays weekly with no minimum.  I have received numerous payments since joining.
***Matrixmails - I have received several payments from this site too.  They have a minimum payout but they have LOTS of offers that pay after you complete the offer and it is approved by the advertiser. 
MatrixMails - Get paid
***Netverdix - I have done one survey and received payment.  This site gets great reviews.  There is no referral program.  I haven't filled out the profile pages yet but once I do I hope to get more surveys. 

 *Sites I am earning from but haven't reached the minimum payout yet:

I have not put in a lot of time on these sites yet but once i put in more time and get the payouts I will let everyone know which sites are actually paying!
*Paid the fastest - this site has easy offers to complete and PTC (paid to click) and referrals.
*Inbox Dollars - this is a great, easy to use site.  You get paid for reading emails, signing up for offers, referrals, playing games, etc.....  I have a little over $5 earned so far
*Unique Rewards - I have earned over $11 so far with this site and can cash it out at $20.  I like this site.  Easy to use and you get paid for completing offers, visiting websites, and referrals.
 UniqueRewards - online rewards program
*Cash Crate - I have earned some from this easy to use site too.  Get paid for referrals, completing offers, etc.
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